About Us

Strategy Execution Management (SEM) Software

GenSight is an established world leader in the provision of enterprise software to support strategy execution.

Our clients are leading global corporations across most industry sectors.

We offer the most complete, integrated and flexible solution to address the growing market for SEM solutions.

History and Background

The company was founded by David Munt in 1994 as Strategic Dynamics Ltd. At that time our products were focused squarely on strategy formulation and modelling. Over time, the product focus evolved into execution, and project portfolio management (PPM), and then into stage gate and new product development.

Significantly, we have consistently remained at the leading edge of technology solutions for strategy execution. As a company, we have fostered strong connections with strategy consultants, including a global relationship with Arthur D. Little (prior to their Chapter 11 issues). In 2002, rebranded as GenSight, the company joined forces with a US based PPM consulting firm led by Michael Menard. In 2007 Series A funding from a major private equity institution enabled the transition to offer global enterprise software solutions. That focus has since evolved onto the cloud with our SaaS platform.

Today, the company is at the centre of an exciting and evolving marketplace that analysts have labelled the Strategy Execution Market (SEM). To us it is simply what we have always done.


Create the vision, make it happen.

Blueprint Solutions Tailored to your Needs

GenSight consultants are highly experienced professionals that have successfully delivered solutions to a wide range of leading companies. They will guide you towards best-practice, according to what is right for your particular business, now and in future. Often this means a phased approach, starting with your most urgent priorities.

We do all the initial setup and configuration for you, working closely with you at all times, so you get exactly what you need. A tailored system ready to use.

The processes in GenSight are configured to your businessneeds. You can operate a range of different processes and templates within your strategy and product pipeline to cater for different project types and business unit needs. Importantly, for large enterprise deployments, you can freely mix and match processes to support a diverse range of projects.

Our product suite is an integrated solution that covers the entire process, top to bottom, end to end.

As an integrated solution it means that cross functional working is dramatically enhanced. In a large corporation you can break down silos, and get the best products to market more quickly, with less risk and less cost.

We have been in existence for 25 years. Always focused on the same goals – to provide leading corporations with best-in-class software solutions, that improve the new product process.

We provide a full service solution – and the software functionality is tailored to your specific needs (through configuration and setup options). We offer our solution via the cloud or installed on your company’s own servers, at your choice.

Strategy Execution

Fill the gap between strategy and execution.

Digital Transformation

Transform and create new opportunities.

NPD Process

Improve your NPD process and performance.

R&D Portfolio

Enhance the ability to manage your R&D portfolio.

Innovation Performance

Support your entire innovation process.