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Highly scalable architecture to meet the needs of global organizations – GenSight can comfortably support thousands of users, spread around the globe in multiple locations, with diverse portfolio management needs. Local requirements can be harmonized in a shared global system, whilst still offering local flexibility where it is needed.

The Performance and Flexibility to Support your Strategic Vision

The benefits of GenSight’s globally scalable architecture include:

  • An ultra thin client tier built on pure browser technology that requires zero installation on the end user computer. There are no ActiveX controls, Java Applets or Add-Ins required – thus eliminating the maintenance and support headaches of end-user downloads and installations.
  • An application tier that provides fully configurable control of your business data model, business logic, workflow processes, rules and alerts. The application tier also acts as a performance accelerator, by caching data that is required by the client tier whilst maintaining full synchronization with the data tier – improving data speeds by about 10 times that of the underlying relational database.
  • A data tier that houses all transactional data, documents and business planning information in a secure and integrated repository. An integrated audit trail provides secure traceability of all your vital data.
  • An analyst workbench platform enables power users to manipulate and visually present data on a laptop disconnected from the network. This provides invaluable support to strategic management meetings and decisions, with interactive business intelligence, scenario visualization and portfolio animation. All data changes are automatically synchronized (two way) with the main database upon reconnecting to the network.


Enable your Business Processes with Configurable and Extensible Technology

Your business process needs should drive the design and operation of a software system – not the other way round. If you find yourselves being forced to do things differently in order to fit with the system, then you will have severely compromised results.

A founding principle of GenSight is to provide an unrivaled level of flexibility and configurability. This flexibility makes GenSight unique in its ability to support portfolio management across all functional areas of the business and all types of projects, whatever your industry and portfolio methodology.

From the outset you will benefit enormously from the ability to configure GenSight to precisely support your business processes in exactly the right way. With GenSight your business processes can continually evolve and improve over time, safe in the knowledge that GenSight can be easily and quickly extended and adjusted.

Changes to configuration are accomplished using the GenSight configuration studio. This is a powerful toolkit with a graphical user interface that enables non-technical client personnel to effect changes to the system to introduce new or changed business rules, business objects and process workflow logic etc.


Low Support Costs

The configuration studio includes integrated system and database administration functions that save you the cost of in-house technical support staff that you might typically expect to need for such a sophisticated system. With GenSight, all configuration and routine system administration functions are handled through a graphical user interface that requires no technical knowledge – you can even modify and introduce new business objects and rules without any need for a Database Administrator (DBA). In most client installations, the configuration studio is used by an administrator from the end-user business or I.T. community, to ensure a tight fit between the system operation and the business process needs.

Software updates installed will automatically reflect all modifications made using the configuration studio, ensuring that upgrading to the latest software release is a quick and easy process.


Remove Location Barriers with a Shared Virtual System

GenSight enables collaboration across geographic boundaries, cultures and time zones. All users in your organization can have access to the same data, no matter where they are. By defining a consistent process you will create an environment that transforms the visibility of all your projects, programs, products and resources. Information sharing reduces wasted effort, improves quality, and reduces time to market – a powerful source of competitive advantage.

The flexibility of GenSight ensures that you can implement a common global process, yet still address local business needs within the overall solution. The system can accommodate localized process adaptations, multiple currencies and if required local language configurations.


Highly Optimized Network Utilization

To be truly effective, a global system must serve remote geographic locations, which often means a network infrastructure characterized by wide variations in bandwidth and latency. Similarly, users increasingly want the flexibility of mobile access using whatever network is accessible. To meet these needs, GenSight uses an AJAX design to control data communication behind the scenes so as to give the user a faster response. GenSight also includes data compression technology to reduce the size of HTML sent to the browser, thereby reducing the bandwidth used to as little as one tenth of uncompressed HTML.

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