Best Practice Business Cases 

Business Case Management

The information put into business cases is unquestionably important, but all too often it becomes a static document that does not get updated once it has served its initial purpose. The GenSight approach is to capture and structure this information in a way that enables easy updating, validating and sharing of this highly valuable knowledge.

GenSight delivers this by capturing information from users with easy to use web based ‘wizards’ that intelligently guide, prompt and validate. At the click of a button users can produce and circulate a standardized business case document from the stored information, formatted according to your corporate templates.

Online Business Case Approvals Process

GenSight incorporates all the tools and methodology that you need to web enable your business case management. Once up and running, you will be able to capture and manage all business cases online. The benefits of this include:

  • Easier capture of information – aided by web based wizards
  • Business cases become living ‘documents’ – always up to date, not static wordy documents
  • The approvals process is quicker and more effectively controlled – aided by workflow, process steps, governance rules, electronic signoff etc
  • Improved decision support – Information captured in the business case automatically feeds sophisticated investment analysis and portfolio management models built into the business case, and feeds management dashboards and tracking reports
  • Information quality and completeness is improved – due to built in checks, prompts, analysis and mandatory fields etc
  • Greater consistency – template based, with variation to suit type/stage of project/proposal
  • Traceability – All changes are tracked and validated, and logged in an audit trail
  • Ability to control who provides/sees/approves which pieces of information
  • Documents can be produced from templates, fully formatted – eg. Project brief, PID, gate review documents etc

The software does all this using configurable iForms (intelligent forms) which work like wizards to steer users through the process of providing the information. iForms can be configured with extensive workflow logic, rules, mandatory information checks, embedded financial calculations etc. – in short everything required to construct a business case for a new project or initiative.

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