Grow your Innovation Capability 


Strategic Management

  • Cascade strategy to projects
  • Bridge the execution gap
  • Manage all innovation
  • More… 

Automate Stage Gate

  • Integrated approvals process
  • Flexible/multiple processes
  • Deliverables, templates, checklists
  • More »

Control your Portfolio

  • Shared repository
  • Collaboration & workflow
  • Build agility
  • Exploit best-practice
GenSight’s Complete Solution
  • Strategy
  • Idea to launch
  • Portfolio
  • Investment model
  • Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Governance
  • Business Analytics

Proven. Scalable. Flexible.

From 20 users to 5,000+

Cloud or On-premise.

Trusted by the world’s largest corporations. 25 years established.

Idea to Launch –  Phases & Gates

Manage deliverables, time, investment »

Strategy – Prioritise, Align, Balance

Top down direction of overall portfolio »

Investment Model – ROI, Payback

Build & validate the business case »

Portfolio – Value vs Risk

Manage value, balance & alignment »

Project Management – Results

Delivery on time, cost & benefits »

Resources – Supply vs Demand

Plan. allocate and track resources »

Governance – Process Quality

Measure, control and improve processes »

Analytics – Big data, Learning

Analyse current and historical patterns »

Ideas Management – Share

Store, share and collaborate  »

Strong governance, value-based prioritization and a robust business case builder. GenSight is your industrial strength, creative, flexible solution.

Strategy led to get the best initiatives from idea to value – quicker, cheaper, and with more confidence. Over and over again.

All types of innovation. Globally. Enterprise wide. All your businesses. All handled by GenSight.


Value-based Innovation™

GenSight Innovation Management Framework™

Build your Innovation Processes with GenSight


GenSight is trusted by many of the world’s biggest and best innovators. Around 20 global product launches every day use GenSight.


We have a 25 year track record of success. Building the platform, delivering award winning solutions, supporting our clients.


  • Cloud or On-Premise
  • From 20 users to 5,000+
  • Fully configurable, easy to use
  • Flexible, rich user experience