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A founding principle of GenSight is to provide an unrivaled level of flexibility and configurability. This flexibility makes GenSight unique in its ability to support portfolio management across all functional areas of the business and all types of projects, whatever your industry and portfolio methodology.

Configurable and Extensible Technology

From the outset you will benefit enormously from the ability to configure GenSight to precisely support your business processes in exactly the right way. With GenSight your business processes can continually evolve and improve over time, safe in the knowledge that GenSight can be easily and quickly extended and adjusted.

Changes to configuration are accomplished using the GenSight configuration studio. This is a powerful toolkit with a graphical user interface that enables non-technical client personnel to effect changes to the system to introduce new or changed business rules, business objects and process workflow logic etc.

The GenSight® configuration and administration studio provides layers of configuration management that support different portfolio applications and enable tailoring of applications to meet client-specific application requirements. When an application is implemented, the client is provided with the toolkit and appropriate training such that they have in-house capability to further modify and enhance the configuration over time.

Functions include:


Fully Configurable Solution
Application Template LibraryGenSight® configuration consultants have access to a library of best-practice blueprints from which client-specific configurations are created.



Business Data Model DesignerData model, validation rules and help guides can all be designed, implemented and modified without any database administrator (DBA) skills



Remote Administration of GenSight serverConfiguration is controlled and validated by a Windows based toolkit in GenSight® and uploaded to the server when required to go live.



Web Page ConfigurationConfigurable web reports and Intelligent Forms (iForms)



Configurable Business Rules and AnalyticsCreate and modify scorecards, business measures, weights, formulas and business rules



Creation of Visualization ModelsAdministrators and end users can generate and evolve visual frameworks for decision suppor

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