Solution Note – Transformation

Master the Complexity of Corporate Transformation

Translate strategic plans into portfolios of initiatives, leverage insight from internal and external data sources to see investment strategies from various perspectives including capabilities, products, programs, applications, and projects.

Manage all aspects of corporate transformation, project selection, resource optimization and executional excellence.

Accelerate your transformation initiatives with best-practice* processes and tools specific to your company.


On the journey of transforming corporate performance, it is crucial to understand the process and elements required to dramatically improve the chance of success.

The most important elements are 1) exercising strong leadership from the top 2) setting clear and high aspirations and targets 3) creating organizational readiness and 4) an enterprise-wide software platform to enable the selection, funding, tracking and communication of all transformation initiatives, and linking those initiatives to the strategic plan.



GenSight’s Enterprise platform is essential to compile and translate strategic plans into portfolios of initiatives, leveraging insight from internal and external data sources to provide a look into investment strategies from various perspectives including capabilities, products, programs, applications, and projects.

A platform that can serve not only as a data lake but as a digital whiteboard that enables all the key stakeholders to contribute their point of view to the internal debate and collaborate on a larger strategy.

Our solution has the proven ability to integrate with other systems and data bases, conduct robust business analysis, capacity planning, data audit trails, initiative prioritization and predictive analytics capabilities that support investment decisions. Beyond that, it has dashboards, tracking capabilities, and status reporting.

Consistently deliver committed Transformation benefits and build stakeholder confidence through improved visibility and accountability.


Idea to Launch – Strengthen your process to get the best initiatives from idea to launch – quicker, cheaper, repeatedly. The right process will also capture high quality information on all types of initiatives so you can make decisions actually happen and on a more objective basis. Read More..

Portfolio Management – Analyse, prioritize and decide. Select the best initiatives, allocate investment and resource more wisely, maximize, value, optimize balance and strategic alignment. Read More..

Resource Management – Manage supply and demand, identify shortfalls, allocate resources effectively and track actual time and cost. Read More..

Project Management – Improve productivity with the right methodology and tools. Manage deliverables, timescales, scheduling and progress. Read More..

Financial Management – Produce high quality business plans for initiatives, with realistic risk analysis. Keep the business case ‘alive’ and refine cost, sales, and profit forecasts as initiatives progress. Read More..

Idea Management – Capture new ideas and concepts to share, build and assess before advancing to the development pipeline. Prioritize and select the best ideas and concepts. Read More..


  • Build stakeholder confidence in achieving transformation benefits
  • Radically improve critical business drivers such as top line growth, capital productivity, cost efficiency, operational effectiveness, customer satisfaction and sales process excellence
  • Translating business goals into portfolios of transformation initiatives
  • Deliver committed transformation benefits as quickly as possible
  • Prioritize transformation initiatives having the greatest financial impact
  • Provide CxO level with visibility of current and expected progress
  • Visualize transformation impacts in relation to overall organization strategy
  • Provide a consolidated view of all transformation initiatives, programs and projects across multiple departments
  • Ensure you have enough of the right kind of initiatives in your portfolio to achieve your transformation goals
  • Improved governance and accountability

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