Decision Excellence®

Decision Excellence

Decision Excellence® is a new and systematic approach to strategic choice and resource allocation, developed by GenSight based on ten years of research and development.

The methodology has been utilized and proven by leading global companies across almost all industries.

Decision Excellence® is a structured framework of best-practice. The methodology and related services are integral to the GenSight solution, delivered with a tailored configuration of the GenSight software product, to ensure maximum benefit is obtained by the client.

Main Elements of Decision Excellence®


Data Collection and Management: Collect the right data, the right way. Our web-based iForms (Intelligent Forms) make your life easy. iForms automatically adapt their appearance and data fields to suit management of each type of project/investment, resource or other business element.
Multi-Dimensional Portfolio Analysis: Your questions answered. GenSight software supports analysis of multiple portfolios consisting of different and potentially inter-related business elements such as projects, investment, markets, strategies and more. Each portfolio can span multiple business dimensions (such as brand, region, category or division).
Portfolio Architecture: Resolve complex strategic choice questions. Optimize your human and capital resources. See alternative opportunities with different objectives, risks, and rewards. Build organizational consensus by sharing insights between portfolios. With our flexible Portfolio Architecture you can synthesize your choices into portfolios through multiple levels and perspectives.
Project Prioritization: Rely on our industry-leading expertise in objective comparison and prioritization. Create meaningful differentiation criteria. Use normalization and weighting for accurately scoring your data. You can merge both quantitative and qualitative data into your prioritization scorecards, including value, risk, innovation index, market attractiveness and competitive strength. Compare what matters, score the results, and gain insight.
Portfolio Optimization: Find the best combination of portfolio elements. Maximize your return from constrained resources and assets. Clear prioritization based on objectively assessing value-maximizing possibilities within multiple constraints, resource requirements, and interdependencies.
Portfolio Visualization and Animation: See, believe, and decide. Display relationships in multiple dimensions among portfolios, business elements, and criteria. Simple point and click navigation lets you aggregate your entire portfolio. Drill down for detail. Zoom out to see the big picture. GenSight—sophisticated interactive visualization technology at its best

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