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GenSight’s latest updates enable customers to access additional features and enhancements, leading to decision making success.

GenSight’s latest features further facilitate enterprise-wide portfolio management, including project management processes, enterprise-wide analytics and reporting; delivering dynamic and interactive reporting capabilities to help businesses understand, prioritize and manage project execution and support market success. 

We already provide class-leading Data Visualization. With our latest enhancements, it is even easier to access the correct data, thus saving time and improving analysis, visibility, and insight. Our advanced and dynamic integration between Office 365 and GenSight allows users to access and present the most up-to-date information in a visual and digestible format. This improves understanding and insight, which leads to better decision making.

John Wheals, Senior Consultant at GenSight

GenSight’s latest enhancements include:

User Experience Enhancements:

Enhanced dynamic navigation capability to a specific page or section of the project brief / charter based on a user’s profile.  This helps users reach the key information they require quicker and easier, providing a smoother and faster experience, and improving user interaction and navigation across the application. These enhancements save time and give a more holistic view of the whole portfolio, whilst making it easier to access the correct data and information.

Continued Improvements to Reporting and Analysis Capabilities:

Improved positioning and layout of web reports and the functionality within them.  allowing greater functionality and ease of use. GenSight provides world-class advanced reporting capability, and these additional and more advanced options result in improved analysis, visibility and insight.

New functionality and continued development to the SSO:

Further enhancements have been made to the Single sign on (SSO) with a refined integration with Office 365 and other applications. These improvements help to make the overall password management easier and improves security.

Continued improvements and modifications of the interface and integration between GenSight and PowerPoint,

With the ability to create presentation decks for multiple projects and assist dashboard reporting.  GenSight have refined and upgraded their integration with PowerPoint, making it simpler than ever. This allows for customized dashboards with vibrant and engaging visual representations, including colourful charts, graphs, and histograms, presenting the most up-to-date information in a visual and digestible format. This improves understanding and insight, which leads to better decision making.

Superior Excel downloads and exports:

Advanced developments allowing key reports to not only be displayed as a web report, but to also be exported to Excel to provide users with an electronic hard copy, making data interpretation easier and faster, and making key data easier than ever to share.

Further integration allowing documents to be imported, linked, and integrated into other document Management Systems, such as SharePoint:

Documents can be attached or linked to support the process of project approval and Gatekeeping through additional documentation. These changes make data interpretation easier than ever and help to improve communication and collaboration within your team, improving focus and increasing transparency. 

Improved project management functionality:

With advanced display of activities within a project (for example, risks, tasks, and milestones). This gives project managers and teams a better understanding of the projects they are working on and managing, saving time, and helping to manage risk and deliver the project On Time, On Budget and In Scope. GenSight provides comprehensive advanced reporting capability, and these additional and more advanced options to group and display reports result in improved analysis, visibility, and insight.

GenSight’s latest version is an out of the box solution that is delivered pre-configured to meet specific business process needs, offering a flexible and personalised solution that is ready to use. These solutions are tailored to specific business requirements and priorities, incorporating best-practice approaches and installed and configured quickly and easily, therefore saving time and reducing costs.

If you choose to go for a cloud hosted solution, GenSight organise and provide the system infrastructure through their partnership with Microsoft Azure.

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