Enterprise Portfolio Management

Enterprise Portfolio Management

GenSight enables organizations to master the complexity of corporate resource allocation across competing opportunities that have different objectives, potential rates of return, investment risks, constraints and dependencies.

GenSight is unique in its ability to support enterprise-wide portfolio management across a wide range of strategic, corporate and individual functional areas.

The approach takes a much more strategic focus than simply focusing on individual functional portfolios of projects. The Corporate Portfolio Management methodology is fully integrated into the GenSight software.


Cross Functional Application

GenSight defines, codifies and synthesizes a broad array of initiatives and cross functional programs into portfolios that can then be optimized against many multi-dimensional constraints. These portfolios can include elements such as projects, strategies, products, processes, markets or competitors.

The approach is flexible, scalable and configurable. The solution meets executives needs for a “sense and respond” capability – with integrated support across financial modelling, criteria based decision making, resource optimization, project tracking and workflow management.

GenSight is unique in its ability to unite high level strategic decision making with project and portfolio management across a broad mix of functional areas, such as:

  • Research & Development
  • Product Development
  • Information Technology
  • Six Sigma
  • Capital Investment
  • Sustainability
  • Marketing Investment

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