Seize the Opportunity of Innovation

Portfolio management is the most important, least understood and most commonly mismanaged aspect of business today. It requires a combination of processes, software and skills to select the collection of projects that bring the greatest contribution to the organization. Project selection is a strategic choice; the projects you select today will determine what you will be tomorrow. At the end of the day, strategy is simply the collection of projects that you decide to resource.

Best-Practice Processes and Methods

We offer an integrated solution, which means one source of the truth. It means collaboration. When a manager responds to a risk or revises a forecast, the impact is immediately reflected in the portfolio. It means you can base decisions on reality.

Control & Accountability

  • Top down prioritization
  • Maximize Value
  • Assess and balance risk
  • Control portfolio focus

Built-in Process

  • Align projects to strategy
  • Shape future market focus
  • Balance across segments
  • Focus on strategy themes

Drive Long Term Value

  • Compare what-if scenarios
  • Visualize entire portfolio
  • See and adjust balance
  • Optimize Value vs Risk

GenSight's Complete Solution

GenSight has helped leading global corporations achieve transformational business results through the implementation of our Portfolio Management solution. We offer a complete solution that includes business process, software and integration into the DNA of the organization.

The GenSight solution enables you to select the portfolio of projects that deliver the greatest contribution to your business, achieves the desired balance, optimizes the use of limited resources…and translates your strategy to action.

Every implementation of the GenSight Portfolio Management solution is custom configured expressly for each client’s specific needs and requirements.

Whether applying GenSight to a single department, business unit, or the entire corporate portfolio of projects, we deliver proven best practices and experience to rapidly elevate your organization’s Portfolio Management capability.

Proven Worldwide

Proven – GenSight is in daily use at many of the world’s largest corporations. It is used to manage tens of billions of dollars of project investments, to align, to optimize, to manage risk.

Top to bottom prioritisation and alignment to control investment. Timely and accurate information from the ground up to deliver projects efficiently.

GenSight is an established industry leader providing advanced solutions to support the New Product Development process. We have specialized in Portfolio Management and NPD for over 25 years. We live and breathe this field – it’s all we do. We have a global reputation earned by delivering highly advanced solutions to many of the best and largest corporations in the world.

GenSight Innovation Management Framework™

Increase Return on Innovation

  • Enterprise-wide solution
  • Fully configurable and flexible toolset
  • Customized and fully tailored to fit your business needs and processes
  • Span multiple businesses and tailor to each
  • Integrated portfolio, stage-gate, resource and project management
  • Best-practices built in
  • Top-down and bottom-up planning
  • Business intelligence grade visualisation and drill-down



GenSight is trusted by many of the world's biggest and best innovators. Around 20 global product launches every day use GenSight.


We have a 25 year track record of success. Building the platform, delivering award winning solutions, supporting our clients.


  • Cloud or On-Premise
  • From 20 users to 5,000+
  • Fully configurable, easy to use
  • Flexible, rich user experience