Strategy Execution Management

Innovation.. responsive strategy…  Advantage

New product development – R&D – Value-based Portfolio Management.

One integrated platform to support all your strategy and innovation programs.

Manage complexity. Improve agility. Deliver outcomes.

Create new value. Over and over again. Globally.

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Coronavirus:  GenSight is operating business as usual. All of our staff are working from home, supporting all of our customers. We are proud to be a small part of this global fight through our close relationship with many of the worlds leading life-science companies, bio-research, medical and hospital organizations. The long term social and economic impact on the world is far from clear…  but what we can say with absolute certainty is that there has never been a greater need for companies to improve their ability to deliver responsive strategy, innovation, adaptation and strategic agility.



Strategy IS Execution, By David Munt, April 2020

Abstract: This paper aims to summarise the cumulative learnings acquired from over three decades observing, developing and evangelising on the subject of strategy….

Strategy Execution

  • Communicate, cascade and manage strategy
  • Agile decision support across all strategic initiatives
  • Manage outcomes for products, markets, services, capabilities, M&A, transformation etc.

Digital Transformation

  • Create disruptive change
  • Deliver value faster, better, cheaper
  • Put strategy into action – fill the execution gap
  • Manage dynamic emergent strategy

New Product Development

  • Stage and gate process
  • More winning products, faster to market
  • Increase sales, jumpstart competition
  • Disrupt the market to your advantage

R&D Portfolio Management

  • Optimize Value vs Risk. Compare options.
  • Manage balance and align to strategic goals
  • Scenarios, risk assessment & adjustment
  • Extensive customizable financial algorithms

Enterprise Wide Innovation

  • Value-based Innovation Management
  • Strategic initiatives, capital, M&A, transformation
  • Put strategy into action – fill the execution gap
  • Manage dynamic emergent strategy

Scalable. Flexible. Proven.

Cloud or On-Premise

  • From 20 users to 5,000+
  • Fully configurable, easy to use
  • Flexible, rich user experience

Fully customized for you

  • Configured to your process
  • Full service solution
  • Industry and client specific setup

Best Practice Built-in

  • Agile, lean, stage and gate process
  • ISO 50501 / 56001
  • Flexible multiple processes
GenSight is fully  ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.


GenSight is a Leader

We have a 25 year track record of success. Building the platform, delivering award winning solutions, supporting our clients.

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GenSight is trusted by many of the world’s biggest and best innovators.

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