Solution Note – Innovation Management

Transform Your Innovation Management Process

Go beyond the product – manage your pipeline of all types of innovation – technology, media, processes and new ventures. More than ideas management – manage initiatives from concept through to launch.

Accelerate your initiatives with best-practice* processes and enterprise-wide tools specific to your company.

Improve cross-functional communication and collaboration, add value for everyone involved in the innovation process. From executives to process owners and knowledge specialists.

*Industry leading Innovation Management. Agile, Six Sigma, Stage-Gate Certified.


Innovation is not a random creative act. In a large company it must occur systematically, successfully, economically, over and over again. And not just for the little innovations, it must be done for the big blockbusters too. Especially the blockbusters.

This will not happen by chance. It requires strong creative leadership, a powerful set of processes, and the right support technology. Innovation by design. By investment, by governance, and by good creative management and leadership.



Strong Leadership – Creative, focussed and well-informed management to select the best arenas to invest. The right level of governance, to prioritize and direct investment, but not to stifle the very essence of innovation.

The Right Processes – Big, bold and broad. Global scale. Not just products. Manage the range of processes across all streams of innovation. From idea, right through to banking the value.

  • Big: Global scale. Consistent, manageable, while accommodating individual business unit needs.
  • Bold: Encouraging and accelerating the best innovations. Disrupt or be disrupted?
  • Broad: The whole spectrum of innovation – the product ecosystem, business model and processes, services and media to connect with the market

Support Technology – Exploit the latest collaborative tools to dramatically enhance your process capability.




Idea to Launch – Strengthen your process to get the best initiatives from idea to launch – quicker, cheaper, repeatedly. The right process will also capture high quality information on all types of initiatives so you can make decisions actually happen and on a more objective basis. Read More..

Portfolio Management – Analyse, prioritize and decide. Select the best initiatives, allocate investment and resource more wisely, maximize, value, optimize balance and strategic alignment. Read More..

Resource Management – Manage supply and demand, identify shortfalls, allocate resources effectively and track actual time and cost. Read More..

Project Management – Improve productivity with the right methodology and tools. Manage deliverables, timescales, scheduling and progress. Read More..

Financial Management – Produce high quality business plans for initiatives, with realistic risk analysis. Keep the business case ‘alive’ and refine cost, sales, and profit forecasts as initiatives progress. Read More..

Idea Management – Capture new ideas and concepts to share, build and assess before advancing to the development pipeline. Prioritize and select the best ideas and concepts. Read More..


Reduce Time to Market

Reduce costs

Fully Stage Gate Certified

Align Initiatives to Strategy

Increase Revenue

Accelerate growth

Improve Market Focus

Manage Product Roadmap

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