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Business Technology / IT PPM

Good IT project management is essential, but it’s not enough. To get maximum value from business technology you also need a process for Top Down Portfolio Management – to prioritize, align with strategy, and optimize the use of constrained resources. You must do the right projects… as well as doing them right.

The GenSight Solution gives you a powerful decision support capability to prioritize demand, select the right projects and manage your IT portfolio in partnership with the business. GenSight is unique in its focus on true top down portfolio management – to enable you to get more from less.

Most IT organizations have more demand than they can meet. To prioritize you need an insightful analytical view across all your projects and services. GenSight has industry-leading decision support tools and real-time business analytics that can tell you everything you need to know about your entire portfolio.

With GenSight you can maximize the return from constrained resources. You can manage your projects like an investment portfolio – and you can instantly drill-down to the detail and see current status, costs, risks, milestones etc.


GenSight IT Portfolio Management – The Complete Solution

IT PPM FunctionGenSight Capability
Top Down Portfolio ManagementGraphically view total IT portfolio.
See balance by business, goal, project type etc.
Maximize ROI & strategic fit.
Scenario planning to explore alternative portfolios.
Project PrioritizationScorecards with multiple weighted criteria.
Identify projects with highest ROI / linkage to strategy.
Combine financial, qualitative and strategic analysis.
Business AnalyticsFlexible configurable reporting on all metrics.
Role-based dashboards, interactive & graphical.
Real-time OLAP & business intelligence built-in.
IT Demand ManagementManage the balance of demand vs capacity.
Enhance your dialogue with the businesses.
Integrate prioritization into the business case.
IT Financial ManagementFull visibility of costs and financial analysis.
Monitor actual vs planned.
Integrates with ERP financial systems.
Application ManagementManage portfolio of existing systems and assets
Track and control the IT inventory
Monitor costs, improve tracking and identify
Agile MethodologyBuilt-in support for Agile and Lean methodology
Fully configurable
Stage and Gate ManagementPhased investment management to reduce risk.
Better decisions – Clear gate criteria and checklists.
Gate decisions integrated in business case.
Project ManagementPlan and monitor milestones.
Monitor RAG status across time, cost and quality.
Integrates with MS-Project
Resource ManagementPlan resource requirements vs capacity, by role.
Optimize portfolio to maximize return within constraints.
Assign named resources to projects, time recording
WorkflowImproves control and monitoring of IT investment.
Defines a consistent IT governance process.
Saves time of team members and project managers.
Document ManagementDocuments stored centrally shared globally.
Searchable knowledgebase.
Sharepoint integration.

A Compelling Business Case

The GenSight solution strengthens the relationship between your business and IT functions. You will be able to see exactly what project commitments you have throughout the business and exactly how they align with business strategy. GenSight gives you instant access to essential information on the real-time status of all of your projects – milestones, costs, risks and resources. More importantly, GenSight performs IT project prioritization across your IT portfolio with powerful tools that analyze all your new and existing projects and services according to business value, risk, ROI and strategic alignment.


Make Better IT Investment Decisions with GenSight

In IT PPM, the biggest challenge is how to confidently select the right projects. It’s also where you get the biggest return.

GenSight offers a unique strength of capability in true top down portfolio management – leading industry analysts have consistently reported GenSight as a best-of-breed solution in

this field. We have 20 years of success helping global organizations make better decisions on project selection and investment prioritization.

With GenSight you will be confident in your ability to make better decisions about your IT portfolio. We are the solution of choice.


A Proven Scalable Solution

GenSight has been implemented globally by blue-chip organizations across a broad range of industries for IT and project and portfolio management. The architecture has been designed for maximum flexibility and scalability to support even the largest portfolios that comprise many thousands of live projects.

GenSight is custom configured to exactly fit your business requirements, with built in best-practice content and methodology. Your organization will quickly become self-sufficient and you can manage the configuration yourself using the GenSight configuration studio editor.

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