Latest Features Summer 2022

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GenSight is committed to continued improvement and enhancement of our software solution, ensuring our customers have access to the best-in-class process.

Our advanced and dynamic integration between Office 365 and GenSight allows users to access and present the most up-to-date information in a visual and digestible format. Our software solution improves understanding and insight, which leads to better decision making.

John Wheals, Senior Consultant at GenSight

GenSight’s latest enhancements include:

Enhanced Dynamic PowerPoint Exports

Not only can you dynamically export from GenSight into PowerPoint and Excel, but you can now use In-Column Filtering and / or Sort to generate the list of projects to be exported. These enhancements save time and give a more holistic view of the whole portfolio; making it easier to access the correct data and information.

Drill Down Reports

Drill Down Reports allow end-users to explore the Project Portfolio through multi-layered Web Reports. It includes:

  • Drill-down to view sub-Projects within a hierarchy
  • Drill-down to view Resource, user, task, milestone or any other data associated with the Project
  • Collapse and expand for ease of navigation and data viewing

GenSight have made it easier than ever to provide multiple levels of accessing data, from dashboard summary to detailed data. With flexible categorization and breakdown structure, it’s even easier to drill down and access the data you need. Thus driving organisation learning and improved performance.

Export Images to PowerPoint

Integration with PowerPoint provides a seamless way to convert between on-line data and neatly formatted PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint layout, style and content are fully configurable. You can also store images against a project in GenSight and export those images into a PowerPoint presentation.

Complex Report Sorting and Filtering

Interactive reports and charts deliver rich and focused information on all projects in the portfolio.  GenSight’ s charts and reports are fully configurable and have the ability to do complex sorting and filtering for customized data analysis.  

Charts and reports are interactive, generated on demand and calculated in real time using the latest version of data. Reports can be exported to Excel and pre-formatted Word templates to produce narrative reports on selected listings of projects, resources, or programs.

Workflow integration to email 

Users can send email notifications for projects in GenSight, as well as link to specific views within the project from the email. This increases user efficiency and provides detailed project management convenience.

Concurrent Dynamic Document Download

Not only can a single user perform multiple downloads of the same document in the same browser, but now various users can also download multiple documents at once.

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