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GenSight’s latest features makes it easier and quicker than ever before to get to the relevant data and information you require.

New Redirection Control for iForms

GenSight allows you to dynamically redirected users based on navigation queries, and navigates users based on their user profile.

This advanced ability to configure a more customized, dynamic user experience that is allowing for complex use cases, can cope with sophisticated, rule-based navigation dynamically, making it quicker and easier than ever before to get to the relevant data and information you require.

PowerPoint Imported Images Scale and Position 

GenSight have made further developments in their graphical excellence, creating insight with best-in-class visualization. This new feature correctly scales and positions an imported client image within the area marked by an image place holder in a PowerPoint document.

This is a powerful and useful feature – allowing users to use images and pack shots to help understand and communicate the context of the project, makes information more accessible and easier to digest.

Navigate to Specific Tabs on iForms 

We have enhanced out navigation features, making it easier than ever before to get to the information you require, quickly and easily, and in a more intuitive way. With this new tab on the iForm, users can see exactly which tab you are going to navigate to when you get to a specific iForm. Further to this, the navigation can be highly customised based upon both user needs and project needs, thus improving preciseness to getting to key information.

Dynamic Document Exports Support Export for Multiple Time Intervals

We can now support the export of data that allows for use of pivot tables in Excel. This creates seamless connectivity and is a real time saver when it comes to positioning complex and comprehensive data into an easy and digestible format. This best-in-class visualization helps gain a better understanding of the portfolio of projects, as well as assisting decision makers and gate reviews.

New Chart Type: Risk Matrix

In addition to the Value vs. Risk bubble chart, we now have an additional chart type for assessing risk: the Risk Matrix. This new chart assesses risk in terms of its probability and severity. The two are then combined to produce an overall risk rating.

This information is presented in a visual way to highlight if there are any major concerns within the project. Each axis is a category variable – and in each cell there are multiple risk items that have the same profile – these are displayed as pie slices within the cell.

The management of risk is fundamental when conducting portfolio reviews, gate decisions, and so on. Executives and managers benefit from visualization that summarize risk analysis in a format that is easy to digest. It all happens in real time using the latest data – giving you an informed assessment and making your forward planning more robust and reliable. This helps you manage uncertainty, with your ability to assess the probability of success of projects in a more objective way, with judgement built on facts.

Admin Page User Search Enhancement

This new feature allows users to give external or guest users access to GenSight, so that people outside of their organisation can access the application. Project managers and team managers can quickly and easily share key documents with outside parties, such as spreadsheets, project plans and related information.

By inviting a wider network, and not just direct employees, users can increase collaboration with a wider user group, create a greater shared knowledge base, and synthesize cross functional knowledge. This also helps to build consensus and improve strategic alignment. It can also save time and effort, as well as reduce project risk, and generate new ideas, by getting all the right people involved.

Ability to Export a PowerPoint By Clicking A Link in an Email

Users can now export a PowerPoint using a link in an email. This PowerPoint Export can be scheduled using the Workflow Jobs functionality; the user will click on a link in an email and immediately be taken to a browser window that will initiate a PowerPoint Download. This ensures users get the most effective visual display of up-to-date information, leading to improved visibility and access, and ultimately helping to inform decision making.

Exporting Multiple PowerPoints from Report Options Menu 

GenSight enables you to store, retrieve and share documents of almost any kind. You can upload project related documents into GenSight so that they are readily accessible in a shared repository, linked to the relevant project records. Project managers and team managers can quickly and easily share key documents, spreadsheets, project plans and related information.

GenSight have further developed the way information can be customised and accessed, and it is now possible to configure up to two PowerPoint exports to be triggered from the Report Options Menu.

GenSight also enables you to produce standardized documents and narrative reports from information held in database – by selecting the required template you simply click to produce a neatly formatted document containing all information for a feasibility brief, business case or PID. The feature is a real time saver when it comes to distributing comprehensive documentation for decision makers and gate reviews – just one click produces the document you need

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