Latest Features Spring 2023

by | May 4, 2023 | Latest News

New Functionality and Enhancements

GenSight’s Latest Features and Enhancements give customers greater flexibility and control.

Performance Improvement

In many places in the calcs code, we are using And and Or when it would be much more efficient to use AndAlso and OrElse. This enhancement provides an example of how GenSight employs a variety of methods behind the scenes to ensure client systems perform with optimal speeds.  When these kinds of operations are done hundreds of thousands of times, it all adds up to a performance penalty. At GenSight, we are dedicated to continuous improvement to ensure the speed and efficiency of operations.




More Scheduling Options for Workflow Jobs

GenSight continues to expand our ability to provide flexible customization options to provide our clients with exactly the solution they are looking for. We have expanded our ability to schedule actions and email notification to be triggered by a variety of systemic events as well as a variety of time-based scheduling. Time based scheduling options include daily, weekly, semi-weekly, and monthly triggers. 

Extend “Use Current Item” Option to Make Available for Set Values Actions

GenSight places a high priority on automations to ensure ease of use for our clients. This latest feature automates the ability to bulk apply settings across Parents and Children in a project hierarchy situation.


Ability To Reset Report Column Widths to Default Size

GenSight continues to expand the ability for our users to customize the look, feel and functionality of their applications for an improved user experience. In our latest version, we have made enhancements to the ability to customize the look and feel of reports. For example, if a user creates an error to the report columns, it is now possible to reset report columns width back to their default settings via the Report Options Menu.


New Formula: “Hierarchy Children”

GenSight has advanced Program/Project Hierarchy functionality. This functionality has been extended to support “Lead Sub-projects.” Setting a lead sub-project allows specific data within the lead project to control or extend up to the parent project or across to other children within the hierarchy. An example of this would be the lead project controlling the schedule of all the projects.

Enhanced Audit Functionality

GenSight has further improved its Audit Report functionality, enabling further customisation and flexibility. Audit Reports can now have custom headings for the displayed columns, and columns can be hidden if required. Furthermore, the footer, which showed an irrelevant project count, is now hidden.

Historic Data Reporting

GenSight is dedicated to continuous improvement of speed and performance. The latest build offers improved performance of reporting for historic data. GenSight incorporates an extensive data trail feature that automatically builds and tracks the history of all your projects and associated data. This serves multiple purposes – from audit trail verification to the ability quite simply to turn back the clock and see what things looked like at a specific point in time. Compare original assumptions with latest knowledge, using our powerful corporate knowledge-bank, that continuously builds over time and allows you to analyse beliefs and projections to determine what proved most realistic and improve strategic planning based on data metrics.

About Us

GenSight is a software platform to enhance the innovation process in large global and mid-sized corporations.

The integrated solution covers the entire innovation process. This includes Idea Management, Project/Product Management, Governance, Finance, Portfolio, Resource Management & Strategic Planning.

Improved cross functional working gets the best products to market more quickly, with less risk and less cost. Software functionality is configurable and tailored to specific client needs. Available via the cloud or installed on-premise.

As a company we have been around for over 25 years. Always focused on improving the innovation process with our best-in-class platform.

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