Best Practice Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is the most important, least understood and most commonly mismanaged aspect of business today. It requires a combination of processes, software and skills to select the collection of projects that bring the greatest contribution to the organization.

Project selection is a strategic choice; the projects you select today will determine what you will be tomorrow. At the end of the day, strategy is simply the collection of projects that you decide to resource.

GenSight has helped leading global corporations achieve transformational business results through the implementation of our Portfolio Management solution. We offer a complete solution that includes business process, software and integration into the DNA of the organization.

The GenSight solution enables you to select the portfolio of projects that deliver the greatest contribution to your business, achieves the desired balance, optimizes the use of limited resources…and translates your strategy to action.

Every implementation of the GenSight Portfolio Management solution is custom configured expressly for each client’s specific needs and requirements.

Whether applying GenSight to a single department, business unit, or the entire corporate portfolio of projects, we deliver proven best practices and experience to rapidly elevate your organization’s Portfolio Management capability.



The Hallmarks of Effective Portfolio Management

  • Top-down alignment of all projects and investments to strategic goals
  • A balanced portfolio of short vs long-term projects, and risks vs return
  • Objective assessment of projects and opportunities based on key criteria
  • Optimal allocation of constrained resources
  • Maximized value
  • Clear and compelling visual communication
  • Better decisions – more confidence, commitment and clarity
  • Better execution – stronger governance and operational efficiency

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