Best Practice Portfolio Selection

Portfolio Selection

Portfolio selection and the ensuing allocation of human and financial resources is arguably the most critical aspect of business success today. Project choices are strategic choices. The collection of projects, the project portfolio, is a direct reflection of your organization’s emergent strategy.

The set of projects you decide to implement today determine what you will be tomorrow.

Selecting a single project from a field of alternatives is difficult. Selecting the total portfolio of projects that will optimize the allocation of your organization’s finite resources elevates the complexity beyond human decision-making capability. What criteria should you use? How can you comprehend project interdependencies? How do you assess and communicate the portfolio’s value, risk and balance across a multitude of dimensions? How should you simulate and view various “what-if” scenarios?


Mastering Complexity

GenSight was developed by senior executives with first-hand experience managing sophisticated project portfolios for some of the world’s largest corporations. We understand that design of the decision criteria has a profound impact on project prioritization and portfolio selection…and that it is the collection of projects and their interdependencies that must be considered. We also understand that best-in-class capability, if not successfully integrated into the organization, delivers little value.

GenSight enables you to dramatically improve your ability to select the optimum set of projects:

  • Maximize Value – by prioritizing using rigorous criteria including financial, strategic, risk, market and competitive.
  • Achieve Balance – by ensuring an optimum balance in respect of risk, timescales, business/product areas, project types, technologies, etc.
  • Improve Alignment with Strategy – by incorporating strategic objectives into the prioritization process and tracking execution using strategically aligned measures.
  • Optimize Resource Allocation – using proprietary genetic search and optimization technology, the GenSight Optimizer can find the best set of projects or products to maximize the return from constrained resources.

The GenSight solution enables you to synthesize, visualize, analyze and optimize portfolios individually or in combination against multi-dimensional constraints, criteria and goals. GenSight is revolutionizing how corporate leaders create shareholder value

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