Best Practice Project Management

Project Management

Project managers and team members using GenSight benefit from role based dashboards that summarize and collate key pieces of information about a project.

Role based access means that individual users will see information relevant to their needs.

GenSight supports Project Managers and team members in the efficient delivery of projects. The built-in methodology support enables improved productivity with less risk.

  • Workflow to manage deliverables, timescales and costs.
  • Control of milestones, scheduling and RAG status
  • Configurable best practice methodology
  • Document/template management

Role based dashboards and reports

GenSight dashboards are configurable to user’s needs. They can include graphical and numerical information to summarize the project, as well as providing convenient access to all project data and documents – subject to access rights.

The content of role-based project management dashboards can include:

  • RAG status
  • Time, quality, cost indicators
  • Milestone dates and progress
  • Timeline scheduling, reporting and charting – bar, gantt, pie charts, roadmaps etc
  • Resource requirements, loading level of resources, assignment/availability status
  • Risks and issues log
  • Access to information in business plan information, financials etc
  • Actions and links to approvals process
  • Document creation and management – eg. Project Brief, Business Plan, PID etc


  • Improved productivity
  • Increased control and visibility of costs, timescales and deliverables
  • Flexible methodology built-in
  • Information sharing, collaboration and document management
  • Improved communication and visibility of all projects
  • Up to date information capture on RAG status, deliverables, milestones etc

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