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Stage Gate Built in

  • Align projects to strategy
  • Shape future market focus
  • Balance across segments
  • Focus on strategy themes

Analyse Business Cases

  • Align projects to strategy
  • Shape future market focus
  • Balance across segments
  • Focus on strategy themes
GenSight’s Complete Solution

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From 20 to 5,000+ users.

Cloud or On-premise.

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To Plan and Forecast Sales

The sales forecasting model in GenSight builds dynamic sales projections, over time, that aggregate from individual projects up to a portfolio view. The sales model is linked to the project plan, such that a change in the implementation or launch date will automatically be reflected in the timing of revenue build in the financial model. This integration applies from each project right through to the overall business plan.

The financial model in GenSight enables you to see sales projections that reflect the reality of your project schedules, adjusted in real time. If a project gets delayed at a gate, you can see the impact financially. Equally, you can make realistic assessments of the financial value of accelerating your best projects by giving them priority access to resources.



  • Sales forecasting model – with option to breakdown by regional or country based lower level forecasts
  • Dynamic integration with Excel enables external sales calculations to be incorporated. Full 2 way data exchange/synchronization.
  • GenSight formula Engine – enables extensive calculations to be applied on a template basis – to incorporate net sales channel calculations, peaks, margins, averages, growth rates etc..
  • Sales model links to launch schedule of each individual project – in schedule shuffles sales build up profile in timeline, and portfolio rollup adjusts accordingly
  • Portfolio rollup aggregation, slice and dice sales analysis by category/type/stage etc. of project
  • Comprehensive set of financial metrics
  • Feeds automatically into business case, combines with cost model to produce profitability analysis
  • Sales build-up visualization – extensive charting and reporting of sales over time
  • Shortfall analysis to compare sales build up in portfolio with sales targets – by BU, project type, region, country etc…

How Configurable is GenSight?

  • Line items to sales model are configurable
  • Configurable tags in Excel to manage data exchange
  • Formula Engine in GenSight is completely configurable calculation template
  • Configurable timeline granularity – yearly, quarterly, monthly etc. – and length of forecast period
  • Configurable BI grade analytics
  • Custom calculations, metrics, KPIs
  • Configurable charts, reports and aggregation/bucket/categorizations
  • Rollup and categorization breakdown are configurable choices

Key Features

  • Timeline based model
  • Build realistic plans
  • Link to launch schedules
  • Plan rollout sequences
  • Invest wisely
  • Gap analysis
  • Integration with Excel
  • Automatic portfolio rollup


GenSight is trusted by many of the world’s biggest and best innovators. Around 20 global product launches every day use GenSight.


We have a 25 year track record of success. Building the platform, delivering award winning solutions, supporting our clients.


  • Cloud or On-Premise
  • From 20 users to 5,000+
  • Fully configurable, easy to use
  • Flexible, rich user experience