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Scalability & Performance for Project Portfolio Management .

GenSight can be deployed across a wide range of usage scenarios, from a small workgroup of users to a complete global roll-out for thousands of users.

The same software platform can take you from an initial pilot in a specific part of the business, through to an enterprise wide application to manage tens of thousands of projects and activities across all functions of your company.


A Powerful, Flexible & Modular Solution

The key features and benefits of the GenSight scalability model include:

GenSight supports very large installations with thousands of users sharing a common process on a single system.Whilst you may not initially plan to deploy GenSight on such a broad scale you will benefit from the long term flexibility that the system offers you. You will be safe in the knowledge that GenSight can accommodate future growth in your needs to accommodate more users, or to expand usage across other functional areas such as new products, R&D, IT, capital etc.

High Performance Architecture

High speed data caching increases performance and scalability.GenSight uses a data acceleration cache to increase the speed of database fetches by a factor of ten. This means you get a faster response time – especially when you want to view a complex report that needs to reference lots of data throughout your portfolio.
GenSight uses minimal bandwidth due to HTML compression and use of AJAX technologies.GenSight uses data compression technology to reduce the size of HTML sent to the browser, thereby reducing the bandwidth used to as little as one tenth of uncompressed HTML. The AJAX design means that users will get an even faster response time, as GenSight can asynchronously control data delivery to the browser during viewing.

Breadth of Application

GenSight is unique in its vision and technology to support every conceivable type of enterprise portfolio, across all organizational areas – IT, R&D, Marketing and Sales, Operations etc.You can begin deploying GenSight initially in one part of the business – such as IT, new products, operations – and when the time is right you can expand the same technology platform into other parts of the enterprise. The GenSight architecture has been designed expressly to support every conceivable type of enterprise portfolio, which means you can benefit from the effectiveness and economy of a single solution to meet all your long term needs.
GenSight can be deployed across diverse parts of the business with local variations and shared aggregation of data.The best of both worlds – local processes on a shared data model. From the same GenSight technology platform, you can support widely differing business process needs across the organization, whilst still retaining the ability to do an enterprise wide roll-up to see the total combined picture on a consistent basis.

Extensibility and Configurability

GenSight has a fully configurable data model. Business objects, rules, workflow and analytics can all be set to exactly fit your business process needs.You can have the benefits of a tailored solution that exactly fits your business process needs, without the cost and support headaches of customized software development. GenSight is unique in the extent and flexibility of configuration available, which means that you can be sure that your process needs will be adequately supported.
Complete extensibility (in-house) to create and modify business objects, performance metrics, organization structure etc.Business change is a fact of life. It’s a certainty that your organizational processes and perhaps structure will change at some time. In the field of Portfolio Management it’s vital that you have the flexibility to extend the system as your business processes evolve and mature.
Configuration studio with graphical user interface gives you in-house flexibility to modify the system operation.You save money because GenSight provides you with configuration and administration tools that minimize dependency on expensive internal and external resources. The GenSight Configuration Studio requires minimal technical skills, and is typically used by an in-house process administrator – GenSight handles all the complex technical stuff for you via a graphical user interface.
Software updates and upgrades automatically incorporate all modifications made via the configuration studio.Compatibility and consistency of business process is ensured when you upgrade to new releases. All your custom configuration settings, data model and extensions are automatically picked up by the newer release.
Configurable appearance so you can have colors, terminology and formatting to match your branding and standards.Software is more readily adopted when the visual appearance is consistent with established styles and standards. By using your own terminology you will reduce training costs and improve the rate of adoption.

Global Applicability

GenSight supports global deployments that demand local variations in business process, including support for multiple currencies.With GenSight you can implement a global solution that supports different local business processes whilst retaining the ability to do a global roll-up. Local currencies are supported, with roll-up to a common currency for aggregated reporting.


GenSight incorporates industry standard XML interfaces that enable easy integration with other enterprise systems.If you need to integrate your Portfolio Management application with other ERP systems then you will benefit from the flexibility and openness of the industry standard XML interfaces included in GenSight.


When you implement GenSight you have the option of using a SSL encrypted connection for all communication with the server.Rigorous security is essential to protect your sensitive data. With GenSight this is assured by 128 bit encryption techniques – the same level of protection used typically for internet banking applications. The encryption is compatible with standard browsers, so you don’t even need to install any client-side controls or plug-ins.
Role based authentication using LDAP (Active Directory)Single sign on authentication means convenience and security. You can define what each user can see and do in the system, according to their role, and give users configurable reports and dashboards that are tailored to their role. The integration with Active Directory minimizes administration of users.
GenSight maintains a full audit trail of all project changes.At the click of a mouse you can see who changed what in the system. The integral time stamp shows you when a change was made, and a notes field can be used to hold supporting reasons.

Installation Options

GenSight can be implemented on your own servers or we can manage hosting for you on an interim or permanent basis.A secure hosted system can be up and running for you very quickly, bypassing the delays of installing on your corporate network. This is often a good way to get started with a pilot before bringing the system in house.


GenSight is delivered completely through a standard web browser with zero client-side installation – no plugins, ActiveX or Java Applets.Your support costs are minimized because you avoid the IT headaches caused by end-user downloads and client-side installs. Compatibility and smoothness of operation are ensured by totally avoiding the need for any sort of Java Applet.
GenSight provides full service solutions that are tailored to client needs.You will deal directly with a dedicated team of GenSight experts that understand your business needs. Consistency and professionalism is assured, on all matters from detailed technical queries to practical advice on business process design.

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