Technote – Security


Flexible Security Model for Project Portfolio Management. GenSight enables you to tailor the access rules precisely to suit your organization’s needs.

You can define the criteria that determine what individual users can see and do in the system. You have complete flexibility to set up rules by role, function, department, group, location or any other aspect that is relevant to your organization. User’s access can be controlled according to read or write permissions, as well as allowing access to only certain pieces of data. For example, you can restrict visibility of any sensitive financial or personnel data to only those allowed to see it.

User authentication can be integrated with existing Active Directory or LDAP systems, to create a single sign on environment.

GenSight supports data encryption. If desired you can deploy GenSight so that all data communication with the browser is sent over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted connection using the HTTPS protocol – the same technology typically used for internet banking.

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