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Six Sigma PPM

Many organizations have done a remarkable job in bringing the “How-to” of Six Sigma to the organization: the principles, the vocabulary, the extensive training and tools. Yet there has been little attention paid to the “What-to-do” side of Process Excellence. Even though the importance of picking the right projects is accepted, little support is available in practice.


GenSight Six Sigma is a comprehensive business solution that has taken corporations to an entirely new level of idea generation, project selection and project management. Imagine the competitive advantage you would own by having the best-in-class project selection and management capability:

  • Bring Strategy to Life – Translate and integrate strategy throughout the organization. Ensure that Six Sigma projects are aligned with strategic objectives.
  • Achieve the Desired Balance – Ensure a balanced portfolio across a number of key dimensions including: strategy, DMAIC phase of development, short vs. long-term, risk level, business unit, region.
  • Enable and Accelerate Growth – Ensure the portfolio of Six Sigma projects has the greatest contribution to the business.
  • Track Project Benefits – Make projects accountable, and find out which projects really do deliver tangible benefits, and when.
  • Optimize Resource Allocation – Reduce non-value added activity by optimizing the allocation of human and financial resources.
  • Achieve Data Visualization – View the entire Six Sigma project portfolio – today and over time – through advanced data visualization technology.
  • Collaborate on Projects – Share Six Sigma projects across divisions, regions and operating groups – thanks to a standard, enterprise-wide process and system.


A Compelling Business Case

Six Sigma and other process improvement initiatives are growing exponentially in popularity, driven primarily by dramatic results. While Six Sigma is built upon data and fact-driven analysis, the process of selecting Six Sigma projects in many companies is still based on opinion, emotion and gut feel. Projects are often identified and approved by “advocates” – and very often do not align with strategic goals, so do little to drive growth and improve business results. Project selection is arguably the most important task of Six Sigma leaders, and one of the easiest to get wrong.

GenSight enables enhanced selection, prioritization and tracking of process improvement projects. The tailored solution utilizes criteria linked to the six sigma DMAIC methodology to enable more effective project selection, tracking and management, and optimize overall benefit realization. With GenSight you can select the portfolio of projects delivering the greatest value and the lowest risk within available resource limitations.


The Benefits of GenSight Six Sigma

Once integrated as a standardized process, the GenSight Six Sigma capability offers a wide spectrum of benefits throughout the corporation. From Six Sigma project teams who will use the capability to rapidly assess projects based on agreed upon criteria, to the Executive Committee who will utilize GenSight Six Sigma to view and assess the entire Six Sigma Portfolio – to ensure it is delivering against the corporate strategic objectives.

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