Best Practice Stage Gate

Stage Gate

The Stage-Gate Process developed by Dr Robert Cooper, the world’s top innovation management scholar and co-founder of Stage-Gate Inc., has been the accepted best practice for new product development for the past 20 years.

The structured method of progressive new product development and project deployment has been tested on thousands of new product launches and is recognized worldwide as the best approach to accelerate new products to market, successfully.

Stage-Gate® Methodology is Built into GenSight

GenSight has been certified as Stage-Gate® Ready by Stage-Gate, Inc. This independent ‘seal of approval’ assures prospective buyers of product development software that GenSight fully supports the functionality necessary to successfully implement Stage-Gate best practice processes across 3 key areas: Idea Management, Idea-to-Launch, Portfolio Management and Innovation Strategy Management.


 In order to become Stage-Gate® Ready certified, GenSight was submitted to a rigorous evaluation on 200+ innovation related criteria, conducted by a Stage-Gate expert. Michelle Jones, executive VP of global growth at Stage-Gate Inc., said: “GenSight achieved every criteria in every category, something we are very impressed with. Stage-Gate is a widely used and accepted methodology that ensures best practice product development.”


Stage-Gate processes are increasingly important to successful innovation. Technology consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton recently highlighted the fact that every organization listed in its ‘Global 1,000 Innovators’ report has a disciplined Stage-Gate process in place. The Stage-Gate Ready certification confirms GenSight as a leading PPM supplier equipped to provide clients with best practice solutions to adopt and implement innovation productivity tools that improve product innovation and business performance. This guarantees time savings and reduced risk.

“I strongly recommend all would-be buyers to ask specifically for Stage-Gate Ready software, even if your company does not deploy a traditional Stage-Gate process. We want to help organizations take advantage of innovation productivity tools that can help advance business performance and we believe that if we reduce risks associated with these decisions, it is a win-win for everyone.”

Dr. Robert G. Cooper,
Internationally Acclaimed Expert in Product Innovation.




The message is clear. Profitable innovation does not happen by chance. You need to continually improve your capability to track and measure all projects, prioritize and select the right projects.

Prioritizing projects in your pipeline is one of the toughest challenges you can face. The GenSight solution maps onto your stage gate process, so you can prioritize from idea to launch. Scorecards and project templates support you in making objective gate decisions. Because you can see all your projects in the pipeline, you can make more informed Go/Kill decisions, so as to maintain the balance and strategic alignment of your new product portfolio.

It’s a competitive game, and GenSight’s best-of-breed solution will put you on top.



  • Reduced time to market
  • Increased revenue from new products
  • Flexible Stage gate processes built-in
  • Reduce project delivery over-runs
  • Kill poor projects sooner – re-allocate resources
  • Keep score – R&D and NPD PPM metrics help deliver and measure success

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