Solution Note – Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Developing coherent strategy has never been harder. Faced with heightened uncertainty, competition and globalization the importance of good strategy has never been greater. Despite the complexity and importance, the processes and tools available to support strategic planning are generally inadequate.

ERP processes and financial systems focus on tracking and reporting budgets and operational measures, but strategic planning is much more than a numbers game. Even “Business Intelligence” systems focus on extrapolating data from the “rear view mirror”, which is typically not a reliable indicator of the future.

The GenSight solution incorporates best-practice methodologies for strategic planning. It will enable you to:

  • Analyze and visualize your strategic market position
  • Identify the most attractive markets
  • Objectively evaluate your competitive advantage
  • Develop roadmap strategies for product introductions
  • Manage the in-market product portfolio
  • Align new initiatives to strategic goals
  • Plan for alternative scenarios to manage uncertainty

The result is that GenSight brings the strategy process to life in a robust and highly visual way. GenSight provides a more solid foundation for your P&L forecasts, growth estimates and budgets – with more consistency and transparency of strategic thought. Investment decisions can be made with more confidence.

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