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The new wave of corporate sustainability is tackling the critical issues that lie at the heart of corporate competitive advantage and our long-term viability. Yet many companies struggle to match their strong level of sustainability support and concern with equally strong actions. It’s not from a lack of commitment – it’s the lack of know how. They still wrestle with settling on which actions to pursue and not to pursue.

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There is a new archetype emerging in which business is no longer separate from society; and there is little disagreement that corporate sustainability is necessary to be competitive…and to survive.

Sustainability Portfolio Management is central to business success or failure, yet it is commonly misunderstood and mismanaged.

GenSight lets you select the portfolio of sustainability projects with the greatest positive impact on business, society and the environment. You can translate your sustainability strategy into action and at the same time optimize the allocation of limited resources.

Align the Business with Sustainability Goals – Ensure that all corporate initiatives are aligned with the sustainability strategy.

Manage Sustainability Investments as a Portfolio – Analyze and manage the way the business allocates resources to sustainability initiatives to ensure the right balance across a number of key dimensions including:

  • Sustainability objectives
  • Geographic regions
  • Business units
  • Product platforms, markets etc.

Track and Control Sustainability Projects – Automate workflow, project tracking, document management with flexible searching and reporting.

Optimize Resource Allocation – Optimize the allocation of scarce resources by function, division or skill type. Explore alternative resource capacity scenarios.

Optimizing the Impact on Business, Society and the Environment

Every GenSight implementation is custom configured expressly for your business. You can apply your implementation to a single department, a business unit, or the entire corporate portfolio of sustainability projects. GenSight gives you what you want, the way you want it.

GenSight’s Sustainability Portfolio Management is transforming the way corporations around the World make decisions to optimize value to shareholders, society and the environment.

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